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   iSportsman Journal now in the app store.   iSportsman Journal App


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This app is for hunters and fisherman that want an affordable app made just for them. It has the features of the more expensive apps but is way better.

Journal allows you to name spots or use the included date default. You can also map previous spots. Great for marking positions of deer cameras, deer stands, duck blinds, or even favorite fishing holes.

Mark the spot of your favorite hunting or fishing spot, and leave yourself notes to remember. Includes photos logging, gps, and current weather conditions. You can track daily take, or each spot.

-Just added Sunrise/Sunset times based on locaton. We even give you tomorrow's sunrise so you can use the app to plan the next day's hunt.

It's as simple as opening the application, marking your spot, and record notes when your ready. The app automatically records weather information when your spot is marked. There is no configuration needed!

We don't collect your information or Marks! All data is stored on the user device. You don't have to worry about us stealing your best spot. All information shared on Facebook is exclusive of coordinates or location unless you choose to add it in the notes section.
More updates coming soon!